Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Duchess is Afoot: the Promise of a Long Hot Summer: Part 1

The stalwart men of the Konigreich were today again tested by the predations of the Duchess. Near the border village of Selchow an old stone bridge became a centerpiece of a desperate and heroic struggle. The garrison charged with defending the bridge and a ford upstream of the village were surprised today by a strong Grolsteiner attack. Fortunately, Colonel Gerlach's Jagers were posted along the river near the upper ford and spotted the moving columns of the enemy in the dawn mist. A howitzer attached to the Colonel's unit made good their oft heard boast that they had "never wasted a shell", by lobbing several well placed shots into the masses of Grolstein cavalry massing around the village of Grosse Kirchbaum....and the battle was joined...

Bleiherzen infantry hurries down the main street of Selchow to reach the critical bridge.

Bleiherzen infantry and a gun following march through Selchow to reach the bridge the far distance Colonel Graf's dragoons patrol across the river...

Colonel Gerlach's jagers position in the village of Neu Lagow and in the distance more of the Jagers at the ford...

Action at the bridge when French mercenary light infantry skirmish against Bleiherzen line infantry causing some casualties among the officers...

the Konigswald Dragoons led by their valiant Colonel Joseph Graf patrol across the bridge though they are technically in Grolstein territory, their morning patrol normally encounters light Grolstein pickets, but today they are surprised to encounter a regiment of Grolsteiner cuirassiers!...

and though outnumbered, they bravely charge home and repulse the first squadron of the enemy, but cannot prevail against the numbers of the following squadron of cuirassiers....


  1. A very nice looking table setup and very nice troops as well.

    -- Jeff

  2. Looking forward for this Long Hot Summer!

  3. A brisk little action. I like the figures and the buildings!

  4. Interesting to see the reports from each side...

  5. Stunning looking buildings in the Old School Charles Grant tradition. Have you considered making them on commission for others?

    Your figures, terrain and buildings are all coming together very nicely in one great visual treat.

  6. Your style in presenting a skirmish and by pictures, figures and text is really a great joy. I adore it!

  7. Very, very nice work on those pictures! The figures are really nice...