Monday, December 29, 2008

The Seat of Conflict

Monsieur Michel Dugas, Military Cartographer and Visiting Minister of War and Culture, to the Court of the Königreich der Bleiherzen recently presented this map of the country to the Erbprinz der Konigreich Rodrich Neudorf-Starkherz (though a copy of this map has been missing since last week...feared captured in a border skirmish). The Erbprinz has been given the responsibility of planning the defense of the kingdom by his father Wilhelm von Starkherz, Elector of Bleiherzen the aging but still vital "old warhorse of the Konigsreich"—and by extension its ally Frederick of Prussia, who depends on the critical supply of Polish horses that pass daily through the Konigsreich to the bridges on the Oder at Frankfurt.

(Gaming notes: The location of Grolstein and Bleiherzen are predicated on a hypothetical "strategic border" along the Oder River that would be necessary for the Prussian's to control in order to have access to Polish horses from the east to resupply their cavalry and the Austrian's need to interdict this critical resource...thus the invention of two small nations that find themselves in a critical point in world events yet still able to pursue their own local the Duchess' interest in expanding her strength—and her access to soldiers—by annexing a nearby country. The grid indicated on the more detailed map is approximately a 4 mile grid...and the grid squares will correspond "loosely" to a 4'x4' section on my gaming table...even though this will involve some compression of scale when a battle is set up. The map I used was a section of Silesia from a historical map...but with enough detail to give an approximate table terrain for each square and reasonable march distances for campaigning. This should be a good basis for long term campaigning and intervention by the larger neighbors. The Konigsreich is more wooded in keeping with the Bleiherzlanders penchant for woodcraft and "klienkrieg"...and Grolstein is more open terrain, and more suitable for large scale cavalry operations...a favorite of the Duchess)...I'm still working out major cities and terrain...more refinements to come!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some New (better) Pics of the Skirmish at the Border

The Colonel Gerlach's Jagers say "no" to the Duchess' Christmas candy...Col.Gerlach is seen here on horseback just before being wounded by a "Grolsteingrenz" sharpshooter.

Gerlach's Jagers holding a hedged lane against the Duchess' Grenzers (the first painted unit of Bleiherzlanders....). Green coats w/ light green waistcoats. This correspondent is hooked...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guns to the East

A courier has galloped onto the Königreichstraße with news of the sounds of cannonade to the east! Could that vile Duchess have moved upon us so quickly?! One can only hope that Colonel Gerlach's Jagers hold the crossings at the River Neuer until the Prince can muster the army in time!

Colonel Gerlach's Jagers holding the hill above the bridge.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Seeds of the Conflict

A map found in the Königreich's military archive documenting the little known incedent at the border town of St. Ulrich 2 years ago. The battle demonstrates the aggression that the forces of the Duchess of Grolstein have shown towards the Konigreich in years past. The military engineer, ( a certain Frenchman, D.M. Dugas) apparently used the ancient names of the forces involved (Schwartzberg and Christenheim), for unknown political reasons, but the facts of the battle do not change...(Bleiherzen forces in blue), the depredations of the Duchess are to be feared by all true Bleiherzenlanders!

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