Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Me the Heads of Those SPIES!

Ministers in the palace suspect Grolstein spies are afoot. The king has been unable to post replies to comments on his previous message... a troop of dragoons have been dispatched to search suspected houses in the capitol.

(the reply to kind comments and inquiries on last post:
The figures are RSM Prussian hussars in mirliton with some modifications for standard bearers and officers. I might also add plumes to the officers.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Princock Fellows Indeed!

Spotted in training near Hohenfelde in the western reaches of the Konigreich, a new regiment of hussars. These fellows have already established a reputation with the locals in the area as a hard drinking outfit and hopefully when their training is complete a hard fighting one as well. Rumors as to new black hussar uniforms are circulating. The regiment is recruiting on a two squadrons of 24 troopers each and three additional officers establishment making them capable of splitting the squadrons for special duties or operation as a large host of light cavalry if necessary. They are being raised to counter a reported new mercenary unit of lance armed Pandours hired by the Grand Duchess of Grolstein.