Monday, May 25, 2009

Princock Fellows Indeed!

Spotted in training near Hohenfelde in the western reaches of the Konigreich, a new regiment of hussars. These fellows have already established a reputation with the locals in the area as a hard drinking outfit and hopefully when their training is complete a hard fighting one as well. Rumors as to new black hussar uniforms are circulating. The regiment is recruiting on a two squadrons of 24 troopers each and three additional officers establishment making them capable of splitting the squadrons for special duties or operation as a large host of light cavalry if necessary. They are being raised to counter a reported new mercenary unit of lance armed Pandours hired by the Grand Duchess of Grolstein.


  1. Looking forward to see them -and their counterparts of Grolstein- in full colors!

  2. Looks like you modified a hussar to be a flag bearer. Thanks for the idea. My leib hussars needed a standard bearer.

  3. They look good . . . where are they from (i.e., the manufacturer)?

    -- Jeff