Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Burden of Command

Supreme Commanding General of the Armee of the Kongreich der Bleiherzen, Hergärd Reinhold von Konigswald, surveys the defenses of the Bleiherzen capitol of Schwibus at dawn.... he contemplates the Duchess of Grolstein's next move...she certainly grows stronger and perhaps is gaining allies from the south and certainly she has the ear of the Turks....the fate of Bleiherzen seems in his hands. There is much to think about...and Frederick needs his horseflesh....

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  1. Her Orthodox and Serene Excellency Princess Theofilia has sent me, Nikolaus Matziortis as a secret agent to assure your excellency that as long as freedom of the seas is respected, we have no reason to present a threat to the Kingdom of Bleiherzen. Witness how my wise and brilliant ruler shows her friendship, by sending her heir and grandson Basil, King of Romans to visit your fine realm. But this will be a secret visit. I understand that your Teutonic temperament dislikes Byzantine intrigues, but please your exalted lordship bear with the wishes of my august lady.

    Nikolaus Matziriotis