Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comté Du Gas

Comté Michel Du Gas, Military Cartographer and Visiting Minister of War and Culture, to the Court of the Königreich der Bleiherzen.

Seen here at work on one of his many miniature buildings...a fascinating, if somewhat odd, enthusiasm...a diversion from his theoretical work on war, fortifications and military theory. He is rumored to have a younger brother, a certain Colonel Chassé Du Gas, also rumored to be involved with Irish intrigues of late and possibly having raised a new Freicorps of Aquebussiers in Ireland...said to be pledged to the Konigreich, (... the Du Gas family being noted for their unusual ability with the musket). On the left his mistress Gene´ his most familiar and patient companion, a notable lady of the French court (...but of Italian descent...her family springs from the Dukes of Milan...a serious complication since Maria Teresa of Austria rules Milan and thus holds some considerable power over Gene´s family in Italy.) Comté Michel's service to Bleiherzen has caused discord amongst family in both Italy and France. But as Michel is often heard breezily to say, "Ce n'est aucune affaire...un autre verre !"...(It's no big deal...another glass!)

The Comté, though a talented miitary engineer and architect , has been known to have been involved in complicated court intrigues in Paris, his arrival in the Konigreich is rumored to correspond with a particularly delicate situation involving yet another young lady of the French court who could not be trusted to keep confidence, thus inspiring a certain urgent desire to travel on the part of Du Gas.

Based on letters of introduction from the King of France, King Wilhelm of Bleiherzen has entrusted the Comté with an important advisory position in the Bleiherzen court and he has entrusted his son the Erbprinze von Kluge to the care of the Comté as an advisor on affaires militaré.


  1. An interesting character indeed.
    Wonder what part will he play in the unfolding events?

  2. Surely you've misinterpreted the image. He is undoubtedly building terrain for toy soldiers.

    -- Jeff

  3. Jeff...yes and actually I think that could be a tray of figures she's holding! A man after my own heart...and my middle name is Mitchell....hmmm....he could indeed be my doppelgänger.