Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brave Bleiherzeners on the Border

News from Konigswald:
General Meinrad Tischendorf has suffered a setback at the hands of the predations of the "Mad Duchess" of Grolstein. Though the men of Bleiherzen stood up to the worst the Grolsteiners could muster, they heroically left the field in good order, (except for a few of the most tried regiments...who now lie quiet on the field of battle)

Colonel Graf's Dragoons face the Grolstein Curaissiers

Colonel Gerlach while leading his Jagers, once again exposes himself... this observer thinks overmuch!...

Colonel Gerlach just before he is severely wounded for the second time...a true Bleiherzen hero!...

The Erbprinz Fuzilier Regiment von Kluge earn their pay on this day...

by halting the Grolstein charge with a devastating volley at the critical moment in the battle...

...and though defeated, marching away in good order to fight another day...

...they are heard shouting "leben lang das Königreich und König Wilhelm" as they march home to a well earned tankard of beer!


  1. I really like your jaegers. Who makes this figure? Best regards...Bill

  2. I do like the look of your troops (both sides). What rules were you using and what were your various unit sizes?

    Also, what are you using for those circular bases (they look smaller than pennies).

  3. The Jagers are RSM S5-016 Prussian Dragoons Dismounted available from Dayton Painting Consortium...great service and I think a really nice figure!

    I'm using "The Wargame" Rules...the infantry regiments are 36 men (RSM standard bags)...the Jagers are generally 18 or 24...multiples of 6...the cav is 2 squadrons of 12 (so 24). I find the 12 man cav units get blown away quickly using Grant Rules so I brigade 2, 12 man units to make a 24 man regiment.

    The infantry bases are 3/4" metal fender washers thus three fit nicely on a 60mmx40mm magnetic base, (5 bases to a regiment, plus 6 officers)

  4. ...sorry guys...the last post went in under my wife's username..."skeinky"...but it's me, "littlejohn"... damn this crazy computer... ;)

  5. Is your gunpowder smoke a product called something like Buffalo Snow (from Buffalo, NY)? It reminds me of it, that our group uses for its battlefield smoke--really good because it pulls out nice and wispy.

  6. A good rule of thumb is that a cavalry regiment should have as many figures as a standard infantry regiment. That provides good balance in the game.

  7. Thanks for the info on your units and organization. I really like the look! Keep up the great work. I think I will order a few units from the Dayton Painting Consortiume myself. Thanks again...Bill

  8. to andygamer:
    the smoke is cotton batting for quilting...it seems to work well, like you say...wispy...I also have "dyed" it with black acrylic paint to make a grey smoke (for WWII desert games) I get it large bags from my local fabric/notions store.

  9. Eye-candy with entertaining comments - cheers!

  10. Nice little engagement, well done Erbprinz - knocking down the cuirassiers

    -- Allan