Friday, January 2, 2009

Musketeer Regiment von Pfuhlstein

The first regiment of the Konigreich parades this evening on the Speistitschtraße!
Colonel Ludger von Pfuhlstein's Regiment of Musketeers stands ready to defend the kingdom.

The musketeers of Bleiherzen will be dressed in mid-blue with regimental facings. Von Pfuhlstein's facings are lemon yellow with white lace. The red hat pom-pom is standard for all of the Konigreich's infantry. This unit also parades with the first issue of the Liebfannen (white cross) and Regimentstandarte (black cross) standards of the Konigsreich.

Colonel von Ludger is known as a strict disciplinarian and though a gifted regimental commander, has no "head" for the larger operational or strategic concerns of the generals. As his men often say (out of earshot of course...) "Wo unser Oberst steht, sterben wir"...(where our colonel stands we die.)

(Gaming notes: Based on the beautiful images of the latest game at the The Grand Duchy of Stollen I have gone with a "no flock" approach to basing this unit. It's a test to see if it looks better and more "old school" with a gloss overcoat on the figures. I think its pretty good. Though it tempts me to turn my flocked 4'x4' table sections over and do a straight green table surface and stacked hills more in keeping with a "Grantt/Hyde" approach to the general look of things. Since my table has the capability of being two sided...why not! On another note... I base all my 7YW figures individually on fender washers and base them 6 figures to a 60mmx40mm magnetic tray [3/32" basswod plus adhesive magnetic sheet]...that way I can play Grant rules but still be able to move stuff around fairly easily. So far this system has worked really well and since 30 figures sits nicely on 5 bases, I count 1 off the morale roll at 1/5 casualties intstead of 1/6 as in the original "The Wargame" rules... You hardly notice the difference and it allows the center tray to hold the flag bearers. BTW I'm still working on getting all those little black gaiter buttons on these guys...)

and finally,...all citizens and friends of the Konigreich worry over the motto to be emblazoned on the scroll of the standards that has yet to be determined...a tankard of the finest Bleiherzen Pilsner to the man who can come up with a good one!


  1. Hey, your painting looks great!

    But, if I might make a suggestion . . . paint the 'magnetic basees' in the same green as the figure bases.

    I've painted over those sheet magnets and it doesn't interfere with with the magnet at all . . . but it sure makes the unit look better.

    -- Jeff

  2. Congratulations for the recruiting and training of a fine looking unit. The King of Prussia continues to be pleased with the fine horses that Bleiherzen provides to his Majesty.


  3. Super unit Sir - I look forward tomore in 2009!

  4. A very good-looking regiment - a very propitious start for the Might of the Konigreich!


  5. Your approach of the Grant's rules sounds very interesting.
    Do you use artillery templates, or -consistent with the resolution of musketry- dice rolls à la 'Charge!'?

  6. Lovely looking regiment

    -- Allan

  7. Jeff,

    I'll try that today. I was always a bit unsure of wether to try that or not because of the magnet "stick" question but you're right, it will definitely improve the look of things.


    I use the cannister and the howitzer template and tried the roundshot stick (tried both versions) but I'm not sure on the roundshot method and I varied the rules some for losses due to musketry as well...actually I think some of my variations are pretty workable especially for solo play so I'll collect them all and post them on Lead Gardens tonight so you can see how it works.